Global Teen: Lê Huynh Minh Duy from Vietnam

Global 3000, DW's globalization programme, portrays teenagers from around the world in their #globalteen series. I had the pleasure to meet Duy, aka "winner", from Ho Chi Minh City and produce a little video about his home and everday life. Watch the video on DW's homepage  


Peace, plants and hip-hop in Colombia

In the conflict-ravaged Colombian city of Medellin, rappers have taken up urban farming to nourish their community and plant the seeds of peace. With big Creole earrings, a bandana, and the crotch of his trousers hanging between his knees, Luis Fernando Alvarez looks more like a rapper than a farmer. Actually, he's both. Luis, or... Continue Reading →

Germany’s climate innovators: A sunny future for e-cars?

Students have developed a solar-powered e-car — the blue.cruiser. It's made from renewable, vegan and recycable material. It's also emission free. Could it become the future of mobility? ... Click here to watch the video:

Vietnam’s quiet coffee revolution

An indigenous community is trying to improve Vietnam's coffee reputation by growing better-quality, organic beans. There's more to the world's second-biggest producer than just instant coffee, they say. Rolan Co Lieng walks slowly through a greenhouse checking the yellow and caramel-brown coffee beans that have been drying on net beds for months. She picks up... Continue Reading →


I’m a trilingual journalist covering climate change and social issues. I have experience covering breaking news and writing and filming for online media in Germany, Colombia, the United States and the United Kingdom. My work has been published by Deutsche Welle, Spiegel Online, Colombia Reports, the New Internationalist, USA Today, Global Post,, BNA and APM Health... Continue Reading →

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