Portfolio – Online Media

Here are a few examples of my published work:


  • Fossil fuel industry cripples UN climate talks, report says – DW
  • Six years after Fukushima – women and children still suffer most – DW
  • Ahead of Trump, final sprint to save climate data – DW
  • Germany Loses Position as Climate Leader over Industry Interests – IPS
  • Anywhere but Lebanon: Why the Palestinian girl Angela Merkel made cry doesn’t want to leave Germany – Global Post
  • A German bill would force sex workers to carry IDs and clients to wear condoms – Global Post
  • Reaction in Germany: ‘Everyone lost’ – USA Today
  • Europe cracks down on Airbnb, other room-sharing sites – USA Today
  • A New Welcome: Activists Launch Home Placement Service For Refugees In Germany and Austria – Occupy.com
  • A New University Hopes to Give Refugees Educational Wings – Al-Fanar Media
  • German resistance and Europe’s growing rebellion against U.S. transatlantic trade deal – Occupy.com
  • New German law: A woman’s place should be on corporate boards – USA Today
  • School principal: ‘Nothing will be like it used to be’ – USA Today
  • Mystery deepens over co-pilot who crashed jet – USA Today
  • Jewish way of life still thriving in central Europe – USA Today
  • Jews in France, Denmark feel sting of terror attacks – USA Today
  • Sharing Economy: Trend or Paradigm Change? – 4Hoteliers
  • Accomplices sought in Tunisia terror attack – USA Today
  • Santos celebrates 2nd anniversary as Colombia’s president while approval plumments – Colombia Reports


  • Kurz vor Trump: Noch schnell ein paar Klimadaten retten – DW
  • Flüchtline aus Afrika: “Wer jetzt da rausfährt, ist dem Tode geweiht” – Spiegel Online
  • “Heimwegtelefon” – die Nummer für einen sicheren Nachhauseweg – sofatutor-Magazin

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