Here’s a selection of webvideos I created for DW:

South Sudan: Picking up trash for peace

South Sudan’s youth have been collecting garbage to clean up the capital Juba. It’s a creative protest against the brutal civil war in the country

South Sudan: Fashion in a warzone

Even the return of civil war hasn’t driven Winnie Godi out of South Sudan. She wants to use her success as a fashion designer for the good of her country.

What future for coal workers?

Coal worker Stephan Barth knows that Germany needs to phase-out lignite production in order to reach its climate goals. But he still worries about his future.

Global Teen: Le Huynh Minh Duy from Vietnam

13-year-old Le Huynh Minh Duy is in the sixth grade and lives in Ho Chi Minh City. He enjoys playing soccer, reading comics and listening to music – Beethoven is a favorite. His parents have high hopes for him and he’s determined to do well at school.

Women are key for fighting climate change

Women are often the most affected by global warming – but they are also key actors for change. The role of women in fighting climate change has been one of the main side issues at this year’s UN climate summit.