South Sudan: Fashion in a warzone

Even the return of civil war hasn't driven Winnie Godi out of South Sudan. She wants to use her success as a fashion designer for the good of her country. Watch the video on DW.

South Sudan’s youth collect trash to protest civil war

Young South Sudanese have been meeting every month to clean the capital Juba. The environmental movement is a creative protest against civil conflict and unites people from warring tribes. Wani Michael grimaces, then digs with both hands into the pile of foul trash. It's hot — hotter than usual during the rainy season, and the... Continue Reading →

Vietnam’s quiet coffee revolution

An indigenous community is trying to improve Vietnam's coffee reputation by growing better-quality, organic beans. There's more to the world's second-biggest producer than just instant coffee, they say. Rolan Co Lieng walks slowly through a greenhouse checking the yellow and caramel-brown coffee beans that have been drying on net beds for months. She picks up... Continue Reading →

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